TheBest Recording Studio Software?

Previously, we’ve talked a lot about how you can set up the perfect recording studio, and we felt it would be useful to write a follow-up guide that covers the best recording studio software. Music production software comes in so many different varieties that it can be tricky to figure out which one will best suit your needs. Ultimately, no recording studio is best, as many have found their own niche within the recording industry. However, one particular piece of software might be the perfect fit for your needs and, hopefully, this guide will point you in the right direction.

Introduction to all Digital Audio Workstation Software

In many cases, a piece of recording studio software is referred to as a digital audio workstation, or DAW, for short. All DAWs are designed to facilitate recording voiceover or music. Some DAWs try to make this process as easy as possible, and some offer a multitude of functions to allow you to experiment with and edit your recordings. But no recording software will do your job for you, as you still need to provide excellent quality music or voiceover in the first instance. Many software companies will tell you that your recording software is the most important part of your studio set- up, but it usually isn’t. For example, voiceover recorded with a good microphone in a room with good acoustics onto a basic DAW will be better than voiceover recorded with a bad microphone in your bathroom onto the most expensive DAW out there!

Which Recording Studio Software is Best?

Which Recording Studio Software is Best?


Some version of Garageband can be found on most modern Apple computers and that might put a few people off who are looking for the ‘best’ professional recording studio software. However, Garageband is a great piece of software for beginners or voiceover artists who aren’t looking to do anything exceptionally complicated in the editing process. Garageband’s visuals help you get a rough idea of the song or composition you’re making, and it has several ready-to- go settings for voice, guitar, piano, etc. But the best thing about Garageband is that it’s completely free if you own an Apple computer. It’s incredible that Apple offers such a solid piece of recording software absolutely free. If you’re new to recording software, then Garageband is probably the one for you.

FL Studio

FL Studio is also a great piece of software for beginners. As it’s one of the most popular DAWs, it has a lot of support and an online community where members tend to help each other out. Have a question about FL Studio? Chances are someone else has asked the same question already and a few helpful experts have answered the question or made a step-by- step YouTube video. FL Studio isn’t quite as user friendly as Garageband, but it is still reasonably straightforward. You may need to do a little reading before you get started, but FL Studio will let you do pretty much everything you could want from a good piece of recording software!

Which Recording Studio Software is Best?

Which Recording Studio Software is Best?

Logic Pro

If you have an Apple and would like more advanced software than Garageband, then Logic Pro may be the DAW for you! Widely regarded as one of the best DAWs around, Logic Pro’s real selling point is its advanced interface, with countless features that allow the user to manipulate whatever they’re recording. Another selling point for Logic Pro is that it has its own in-built MIDI composition tool that is perfect for songwriters who like to make things up as they go along. Logic Pro offers so many features that you could use it for years and still find new little tricks up its sleeves.

Avid Pro Tools

For many experts in the recording industry, Pro Tools is the standard software. Some people refuse to work with anything else and might even look down on you if you don’t use it… As Pro Tools is pretty much the industry default, there are school and college programs dedicated to it. As with any really complex software, the complexity usually exists to allow you to change and edit as much as possible, but this means that there is an incredibly high level of knowledge required before you can begin to record and edit sound at a component level. Pro Tools is available for both Apple and PC; however, many people complain that it is a little buggy on PC, so this is worth keeping in mind.

We hope you’ve found this article useful and that one or two readers have made their minds up about which recording studio software is best for their needs. If you’d like to register your recording studio with Voiceover Studio Finder, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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