Why use a voiceover (Vo Artist)?

A question asked far too often having not budgeted for it properly to begin with.

Booking a professional voice

One difference between a finished visual master piece with a pro voice and a cheap one, from someone with a laptop and mic and charging you a fiver, is the credibility that goes with it. No one is saying ALL cheaper voice options are bad, however, pay for an experienced professional and you are guaranteed audio that sounds high quality and more likely, a voice thats already familiar with big name brands, which brings that credibility to your product or brand too.


Is a voiceover expensive?

It's all relative. You are paying for years of experience. You are paying for the voice to understand what you are trying to sell or promote, and read it the way you want to tell your story.
Your basic studio fee includes the use of their professional equipment, so this should always be factored in. Then you will pay for usage on top. Be honest (and organised) with how and where your advertisement is going to be used. Unless you agreed a buyout, you may have a larger-than-anticipated usage invoice further down the line once you've broadcast it and added it to all your social media channels.

So, using a professional voiceover artist can be expensive if you don't plan everything out. But it needn't be. And, perhaps an additional question should be asked: how much potential profit are you risking by taking cheap shortcuts with your advertising campaigns. I think there are some great up-and-coming voiceover artists with lower rates, but the very cheap ones are rarely worth the money.

How quick can I get a voice over?

As most professional voiceovers have their own studio at home, it's not uncommon for you to have same day delivery of your audio. If you specify, you can have it edited or de breathed so all you have to do, is throw it on your video timeline, maybe add some processing, adjust the levels with your music track and away you go. A professional voice has seen your script hundreds of times and you can expect the whole process to be quick and easy.
Don't risk damaging your reputation. let the voice be as strong and powerful as your brand. If you have any questions about voiceover and if you'd like to book my services, please get in touch!

Football Commentator Voice

champion-eleven-football-commentator-voice Guy Harris performed his best football commentator voice for Champion Eleven Football, a great new game from Meogames! Find out more or download the app today!

Cloud voiceover

Cloud voiceover Cloud voiceover - Explainer video for Microsoft - I voice lots of Web videos like this daily. A natural conversational delivery. Same day delivery of WAV audio.

Apple Voice Style

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