Micropolitics - Suzy's Beauty Salon

The voiceover for a new campaign from Egyptian news organization Mada Masr.

A natural close mic read.

I voiced this visual masterpiece in February 2017 and knew it was going to turn out great. The team at Mango Jam did a great job of the sound design and mix. A witty two-ad campaign designed to renew readers’ interest in politics by highlighting the many ways politics happens all around us, every day. We all know what office politics are like. But there’s a pleasure in seeing how far the politics in someone else’s workplace truly ripple. Ref: Adweek.


Who are Mada Masr?

Mada Masr is an independent Egyptian news organization dedicated to producing intelligent and engaging journalism.
Suzy’s Beauty Salon sarcastically elaborate on how bureaucracy and corruption are not just reserved for parliamentary affairs.
Both capture unseen power struggles, immorality, bribery, pilfering, conspiring and more among two seemingly innocuous groups: a team of hairstylists and a youth handball team.

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