Voicing the Logo Board Game

A Hovis-style voiceover for this Logo Board Game commercial

The Logo Board Game TV Ad

I provided the voiceover for this Logo Board Game commercial quite a while ago, but I only just realised that I didn't write it up. When they asked me to provide the voiceover, I said yes right away. Games and toys are one of my main kinds of work now. I've voiced so many boardgames and toy ads now, such as my Bugs in the Kitchen, Girafun and Pop Up Pirate videos. They asked me to do my best Hovis-style voice and I think it came out well. They also asked for my sailor voice in this Logo commercial and it was lots of fun to do.


A little more about the Logo Board Game

This board game is great fun as it makes a game out of recognising logos from all the favourite brands we buy every day. The best thing about the Logo Board Game is that most of us are already very good at it, even when we're only playing it for the first time! This is because we can't help bt remember all of the brands. It's the advertising industry's fault! The game is made my Drummond Park and it has proven very successful, so I'm very pleased to have my voiceover associated with the brand. The Logo Board Game was made by the same people who made Articulate.

Get in Touch!

If you're working on something and you need a Hovis-style voiceover, or perhaps a pirate? Please don't hesitate to get in touch. If you need my voiceover for your next commercial or perhaps even an explainer video, then I'm more than happy to hear from you. And, if you need a little help working out if my voice is right for your brand, I'm very happy to provide free sample voiceovers from your script.

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