Girafun Voiceover

The amazing Girafun Voiceover was one that required a really big voice for the brand new trailer.

Girafun TV Ad

I think it's safe to say that I've cracked the toy and board game markets... I've provided voiceover for loads of these kinds of ads, including Pop-up Pirate and Articulate. Take a look at a range of my other commercials to get a feel for my different voices, styles, and capabilities.

Girafun Voiceover

What is Girafun?

Girafun is a great little board game is a giraffe-based game where you eat fruit to lengthen your neck, collect a hat and then rush back home to win the game. Giraffes are clearly a fun animal, so I wonder why no one else made a giraffe game before this! Girafun was made by Megableu, one of the biggest toy company in Europe. IIt was lots of fun working with the folks at Megableu again. They're one of the biggest names in the toy industry and I have a good working relationship with them.

Get in touch

Do you have a commercial in need of a voice? Maybe a voice like this Girafun Voiceover? Please get in touch. To make the process even easier, just let me know the intended usage, and I can quote you more accurately. Send a short sample of the script and I'll send you a short audition. Check to see if my voice is right for your project. Please do get in touch today.

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