Nakd Bars - Professor Voice

The smallest part ever in this great little ad

A professor-style voice

Nakd got in touch with me and asked me to provide a very small voiceover part for the end of their commercial. They asked me for a professor voice and I think the result is something in between my Patrick Stewart voice and my David Attenborough voice, which makes sense, really, when you remeber that patrick Stewart played Professor X in X-men and Attenborough is a scientist. I know I only had a small part, but I'm really happy with how this ad turned out. Especially when it was re-licened for a 2nd year.


A little more about Nakd

Nakd has been making 100% natural snacks for over 12 years now. They're based in Buckinghamshire and they are huge proponents of natural snacks that taste amazing. Their Nakd bars are made only of fruit and nuts, so they're a great healthy snack for kids and adults alike. I think Nakd has a really fun, quirky brand and the writing for this commercial is great. I always appreciate a company that doesn't take itself too seriously. These guys were great to work with and I'd happily work with them again!

Want to work with me? Get in touch!

If you're working on a project and you need a commercial voiceover or perhaps a explainer video voiceover with the professor style a did for Nakd, then please don't hestitate to get in touch. I'm always happy to work with new companies, and I'll even provide a free voiceover sample from your script to help you work out whether I'm right for your brand

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