That Big American Super Hero Voice

Is it a bird or a plane? No... it's Guy Harris

Are you looking for a Hero?

I've had many nice emails over the years and some have called me a hero for saving the day with how fast I turn audio around and get it back to clients. So let me put on my outfit and be ready to Kapow you with a great delivery and in a super quick time.
And thats exactly it, everyone needs things yesterday these days, so let me help. I'll send back a broadcast quality wav file the same day.


Let me save the day!

I have plenty of Character Voices to choose from, but I must admit when a script arrives with 'Super Hero Voice', I do smile.
Is it a radio ad? A web promo? Part of a tv commercial? Something fun for a friend? I'm standing by ready to voice from my Super Hero Headquarters.
Trusted by the worlds biggest brands, let me be the guardian and be the protector of your epic project!

No Spandex! Just the Voice!

Let me work with you on your project. If it's the super hero voice that you need then either pickup the red phone or simply drop me an email. Do let me know what you are doing with it? How its being used and all that. That way I can better quote you. I'm more than happy to send you a short sample to help you hear it in context or to send to your end client too. Fill in the form here or visit my contact page and tell me more. I hope I can save the day!

If you would like to know more please get in touch.

Virgin Holidays Voice

Virgin Holidays Voice Virgin Holidays Voice - Continuing with Virgin Holidays as we discover more of their fabulous destinations -This time... Tennessee - Voice by Guy Harris

XS Poker Voice

XS Poker Voice XS Poker Voice - Join players from all over the world! Chat, bluff, improve your skills, win tournaments and become a poker shark! Promo voice by Guy Harris

Star Wars character voices

star-wars-character-voices Star Wars Character Voices  - All the voices you hear are mine - What would happen if C-3P0 & R2D2 worked in Starbucks? Need a Character? Get in touch.

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