Shrieks shouts and Screams voiceover

That classic Wilhelm Scream but with more options

What is the Wilhelm Scream?

The Wilhelm Scream has been made famous for appearing in over 400 movies when a scream was needed. It dates back to the 1951 film Distant Drums.
The sound effect was used for a character named Private Wilhelm who was shot in the leg with an arrow and let out the distinctive scream.
These are my takes on it and I'm happy for you to use it for a credit.


Free to use Screams, Shrieks and Shouts

I have included a selection of Screams, Shouts and Shrieks which you can freely download and use. If you would like a high quality mp3 file without the reverb do get in touch below and we will zip it up and send to you. Don't forget to credit VoiceoverGuy.
For any commercial usage use the form below to let us know how it's to be used and we will send the Broadcast quality WAV file for you to use.

Can I use the Wilhelm Scream commercially?

Please get in touch to discuss the details of the usage and we can work out the cost.Feel free to use for personal use with a credit to VoiceoverGuy. If broadcast or used on social media in a paid for campaign, do include all details as to how and where they will be used. ​

If you would like to know more please get in touch.

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