Barclaycard Fraud Fighter Tool

A nice, understated voiceover for a no-so-understated commercial

It's always great to work on funny commercials

I've done so many commercial voiceovers I've lost count, and I love my job. But I love my job just a little bit more when I'm asked to provide voiceover for a genuinely hilarious TV advertisement. If you've haven't watched the video on this page yet, please do! Barclaycard asked me to provide a soft, reassuring voiceover for this ad as, despite the humour, the message is serious. I'm asked for a soft, understated voiceover quite a lot and I think it's one of my best voiceover styles. If you'd like to hear a few more examples, check out my Seat Hidden Heroes, Vegetarian Society, and Save Water videos.


A little more about Barclaycard

Barclaycard is a brand of credit cards owned by Barclays PLC and it will require no introduction at all in the UK as it's one of the most popular credit cards, used by approximately 10 million people. It's great to work with such a big brand and I'm very glad to see them working hard to help customers understand the dangers and difficulties associated with online credit card fraud. It's great to see companies putting effort into helping people keep their finances safe from fraudsters!

Get in touch

You've read all the way to the bottom, and I'm guessing that means you're interested in my voiceover services. If you're looking for a calm, natural voiceover style like this one I did for Barclaycard, then please feel free to get in touch. If it helps you make a decision, I'm happy to provide you with a free voiceover sample from your script. It's also worth noting that because I have my own recording studio in my house, I can react to new enquiries very quickly and I can usually get a client's voiceover back to them on the same day they've asked for it!

If you would like to know more please get in touch.

Barclaycard Fraud Fighter Tool

barclaycard-fraud-fighter-tool-voiceover Guy Harris provided a nice understated voiceover for this hilarious commercial for Barclaycard's Fraud Fighter tool. Watch the video here!

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