Breda University Commercials

A series of commercials and explainers for Breda University

Friendly and approachable voiceover for Breda University

I've done so many different commercials and explainer videos over the years, but I can't remember working with a university before, so this was a great new experience for me. Breda University got in touch and told me they were working on a series of new videos designed to encourage people to take their courses. So, with the sales element there, and the audience in mind, I opted for a friendly, approachable voiceover style to encourage students to sign up. I'm really pleased with the final result.


A little more about Breda University

Breda University of Applied Sciences is a government-funded university in Breda, in North Brabant, the Netherlands. It is comprised on 7K+ students — both a mix of domestic and international students — and its focus is on applied sciences, such as Games, Media, Logistics, Built Environment, Hotel, Facility, Tourism and Leisure, and Events. Breda University has a great reputation and the practical focus of its courses is perfect for students who are looking for a particularly practical qualification. The university used to be called NHTV Breda, and it has recently changed its name. It was great working with Breda and with the animation people: Cooler Media Netherlands.

Get in touch

If you're working on a product a little similar to this video or the others I worked on for Breda University, then please feel free to get in touch. Whether it's a commercial or an explainer video, I have worked with hundreds of other companies and institutions and I'm sure I can find the right voice to suit your project. However, if you need a little more convincing, I'd be happy to provide a free sample, read from your script — that way you can hear directly whether or not my voice is a good fit for your brand.

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