Depo Turkcell's Red Riding Hood Ad

A pretty standard voiceover for a very surprising ad...

My natural voiceover for Turkcell

Turkcell got in touch with me with a really interesting script. Even though I only had a small part (the voiceover at the end of the commercial), I really liked the direction of the script and I never turn down good work from high-quality companies. They asked me for a natural style, and even though I'm often asked for my David Attenborough voice or my Santa voice, it's my natural style that most companies still ask for. If you'd like to hear some more examples of similar voiceover work I've done, check out my Mada Masr videos.


A little more about Turkcell

Turkcell is a specialist initiative to tackle the issue that face children growing up in an increasingly digital, smart-device-driven world, such as virtual bullying, privacy issues, and figuring which websites (and which information) can be trusted. Turkcell is dedicated to understanding the children of Turkey's virtual risks, whether they're in danger of cyberbullying or simply in danger of spending too much time on social media when they should be studying (or playing outside). I think this is a great initiative and I'm sure any progress Turkcell makes will be shared (or at least sold) to other companies around the world.

Get in touch

If you're working on a project and you need a voiceover style similar to this one I provided for Turkcell, please feel free to get in touch. Perhaps you're working on a TV ad or an explainer video and you need a voiceover artist to give it a genuine, professional finish. Whatever your project is, I'm always happy to hear from new companies eager to work with me. And, if you need a little extra help figuring out if my voice is right for your brand, I'm more than happy to provide a free sample voiceover from your script.

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