Cities Talking Explainer Voiceover

This time working with a great production company in Dubai I was asked to add the Cities Talking Explainer Voiceover.

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For many years, art galleries and museums have offered ‘audio tours’ which provide an expert commentary through a pair of headphones as you walk around. Now, thanks to a savvy combination of GPS navigation and smartphones, Cities Talking offers the same principle of an expert audio guide talking you round and letting you go at your own pace. Say goodbye to your bulky, out-of-date,city guide books... Cities Talking is the perfect travel app for smartphones and tablets (Android and Apple).

Cities Talking Explainer Voiceover

Cities Talking Explainer Voiceover

On a daily basis I can voice several explainer videoss or web video along side the daily radio ads, e-learning, TV commercials, on hold and others. It's a growing market since websites benefit from having great visual content, and since voicing the Apple iPhone TV ads, that's the voice style I get asked for most. For a couple more examples, check out my Car Cash Point and Rise Project explainer videos.

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If your looking for a voice for an Explainer Video for a web ad or company product, then please get in touch. I'm more than happy to send a short voice a sample first to see if I'm right for your project or brand. Tell me more about your brand and your project and let's see what we can achieve together!

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