Malta's Gibtelecom Voice

This time, a much softer voiceover for this great telecommunications company in Gibraltar

Gibtelecom TV and web promo

I've done a lot of voiceover jobs for companies in different countries. It doesn't matter whether it's telecoms in Bahrain or an airline based in Malta, brands all over the World need good English voiceover to sell their products and services to a global market. And that's what Gibetelcom has done here. Gibraltar is a British territory and they speak English, but they speak other languages too. They needed my voiceover to be crisp, clean, and clear for their message — which is usually the case with internet and telecoms companies.

Gibtelecom Voiceover

A little more about Gibtelecom

Gibtelecom is Gibraltar's leading telecoms provider and their quite a big deal on this small island. It's important for countries with smaller populations to have the same access to high-speed internet as the rest of the World, and this is exactly what Gibtelecom has achieved. This is a great company and it was a pleasure to work with them on this promo video.
I love working with companies all over the World, so I'm always happy to receive a call with a dialing code I don't recognise.

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Are you looking for this voice style for your next commercial voiceover or explainer video? Please get in touch. I'd be very happy to send a short sample of your script to you before you book me. Please send a few lines of the script first so you can be sure I'm right for your brand. I make the whole process as easy as possible with 99% of the jobs delivered the same day.

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