Human Voice Overs vs AI Voice Overs: What's the Difference?

Exploring the advancements in artificial intelligence and the impact of AI on the voice over industry.

Concerns of using AI voiceovers

One major concern of using AI voiceovers is the potential lack of emotional nuance and inflection in the delivery, which can result in a flat or monotonous tone. Additionally, AI-generated voices may lack the flexibility to adjust to changes in the script or to make improvisations on the fly. There are also ethical concerns surrounding the use of AI voices for purposes such as deep-fake technology and impersonation to deceive. Finally, the use of AI voiceovers may contribute to the displacement of human voice-over artists, potentially leading to job loss and decreased opportunities in the industry.


Real voice-over artist or AI?

A real voice-over artist would be better than AI in the following situations:
1. Emotionally-driven content: Voice-over artists are trained to deliver the right emotion in their voice, which is often necessary for content like movie trailers, commercials, audiobooks, and video games. AI may not be able to replicate the nuanced tone and inflection required to convey the intended emotions.

2. Unusual or niche accents: AI may not be able to deliver on a wide variety of accents, especially ones that are rare or very specific. A real voice-over artist who specializes in a particular accent or dialect would be better suited for such content.
3. Unique voice qualities: A voice-over artist who has a unique voice quality or style that is sought after for a specific project would be preferred over an AI-generated voice that sounds generic.
4. Improvisation and spontaneity: Voice-over artists can be directed to improvise or make changes on the fly, which is important in situations where a script may need to be modified or when ad-libbing is necessary. AI-generated voices may not have the flexibility to change the script or deliver a spontaneous response.



5. Personalization and customization: A real voice-over artist can personalize and customize their delivery to match the specific needs of a project or client. This is especially important for content that requires a personalized touch, such as e-learning modules or training videos.
6. Client preferences: Sometimes, clients may prefer the sound of a specific voice-over artist due to their previous work or personal preference. In such cases, it would be better to use a real voice-over artist rather than an AI-generated voice.

Human VO vs AI summary

Overall, while AI-generated voices have come a long way, there are still some situations where a real voice-over artist would be better suited for the job.
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