Ideal Heating's Soft Male Voiceover

Only a small part for me at the end of a really funny little commercial!

Working With Ideal Heating

Advertisements for boilers don't have to be hilarious, but it certainly does help! I must admit to chuckling away to myself when I first saw this parody of the famous final scene from 'An Officer and a Gentleman'. What if instead of going into the factory to whisk away his great love, he instead whisked away an incredibly high-quality gas boiler with an impressive 10-year warranty... Ideal Heating asked for a clean, clear voiceover style for this and I offered this softer, natural style. They were happy, I was happy, and let's hope that officer and his boiler were happy! If you'd like to hear a few more examples of this voiceover style from my back-catalog, check out my Barclaycard, and DPD voiceovers.


A Little More About Ideal Heating

Ideal Heating was founded in Britain in 1906 as a 'Ideal Boilers' and they have been at the forefront of boiler technology throughout the last century. On their website, they boast '100 years of providing the best quality boilers to our customers, continually working to meet ever-changing domestic heating needs'. They go on to emphasise their dedication to their mission: providing reliable, competitively priced boilers to consumers. Judging from the 10-year warranty, they have taken 'reliability very seriously indeed. You can see the brilliant commercial they made on their homepage with the main message from the campaign: 'Let warmth lift you up'.

Work With Me

Are you working on a promo video or explainer video in need of a natural voiceover style like the one I used for Ideal Heating's latest campaign? Well, you should know that I'm always happy to work with new brands, so please feel free to reach out whenever you like. I can follow any needs or directions you have or I can offer a few suggestions of my own from my many years' experience working as a voiceover artist for some of the biggest brands in the world. That said, I've also worked for some smaller companies too, so please don't be intimidated. Just send me a message and we can get the ball rolling on your next big project!

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