Judgment Apocalypse Survival Voice

The Judgment Apocalypse Survival Voice over for the trailer. You can pretty much gather I love voicing trailers.

Game Trailer Voice

So, as a native British male voiceover artist it's fun to bring out the character voices like this dark menacing one for Judgement Apocalypse Survival. I love providing voiceover for game trailers and this especially fun because I got to try my most grizzled American voice. In fact, this voice sounds a lot like the 'In a world...' movie trailer voice we all know and love so much. The game looks pretty good and the reviews seem positive, which makes it all the more fun to be part of. If you'd like to hear a couple more examples of similar work, check out my Warwings and Lifeless videos.

Judgment Apocalypse Survival Voice

What is the game all about?

The Apocalypse is here. Demons all around. Now, it’s time to fight back! Build, manage and defend your base in a post apocalyptic colony simulation.
Will you survive Judgment day?
Judgement Apocalypse Survival is an extremely impressive new game from Suncrash Studios. The game is available on Steam and it has very high critic scores, so it' must be as good as it looks!

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