Warwings Game Trailer Voice

The test campaign in the UK for this epic game by MiniClip.

As seen and heard on TV.

I provided voiceover for the commercial trailer for a great mobile game. Working once again with another great agency in London, they asked me to provide a pilot voice for a trailer for a game called WarWings. They asked for a nice bit of energy and the 1940s moustached pilot style. This direction was all I needed and they were happy with the end result. I've done a lot of TV commercials now and I think I've gotten really good at working out exactly what clients want. Often, the video has been made and the last thing they need is the voiceover, so it helps to be able to get my bearings quickly and I usually get the finished audio back to them on the same day.


What is WarWings?

Mobile gamers are going to love WarWings and it was lots of fun to talk about in the trailer. Gear up and don your helmet; the BEST WWII Aerial combat game is here! Get into the cockpit of your fully customizable, historically accurate "warbird" and experience the most epic World War II aerial dogfights ever! Fly solo as a lone wolf or team up with ally squadrons to control the skies. Compete against millions of players worldwide. Destroy enemy squadrons and climb global PvP leaderboards. Download now.

Need a pilot voiceover for your trailer?

Are you looking for the perfect old-fashioned WWII voice? Or maybe even the old Pathe style voice that the BBC used for decades? Whatever your project, I can help add the finishing touches with a high-quality, pitch-perfect voiceover. If you need to look through more of my previous work, take a listen to my movie trailer and game trailer voiceovers. If it helps, I can send you a sample of your script first, to help you see if my voice is right for your brand. Please get in touch and tell me a little more about your project!

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