Scary Evil Halloween Voiceover

A frighteningly good promo with evil voiceover from yours truly

A rare scary voiceover gig

I'm so used to being asked to voice children's toy commercials and to do the voice of Santa that I sometimes forget that I have a pretty accomplished halloween voice. I don't get asked for my scary voice that often, but it's one of my favourites. There are various kinds of scary voiceover, but this one is especially deep and gravelly. If you like it and you'd like to hear more, check out my Poundland Dracula Voice and my Halloween Voiceover Showreel.


A little more about Alda and Escape: Psycho Circus

A lot of credit for this excellent video has to go to Alda, the production company that produced it. With a motto like 'Music is what feelings sound like', it's no surprise that the audio was so well produced. The video is advertising Escape: Psycho Circus, a huge festival packed with circus acts, music performances, and other macabre spectacles. If the event is half as good as the video, then it's sure to be amazing!

Let's work together!

Are you working on a commercial a little like this one I did for Escape: Psycho Circus? Need a scary voice? Need something else altogether? Well, I have a huge range of voiceovers to choose from and I'm always happy to hear from new companies, so don't hesitate to get in touch. I'm also happy to give you a free sample from your script so that you can hear whether my voice is a good fit for you project.

Pathe News Voiceover

Pathe News Voiceover Pathe News Voiceover - Working with Film maker Natasha Stanbridge this is a fine example of my Pathe News Voice. Try this 1940's voice -

Domino Express voice over

Domino Express Voiceover Domino Express Voiceover - Looking for an energetic read? As the voice of lots of kids toys on tv, I also voice a lot of tv ads for John Adams including this.

Penarium Opening Credits

Penarium Opening Credits Penarium - The sinister circus show where contestants are forced to entertain a sadistic crowd at the risk of losing their lives. They needed a narrator...

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