The Reset App Voice

Following the crazy busy Christmas period I had as a voice over, it was nice to start 2017 as the voice of an App that I felt I needed.

The Voice of the Reset App TV Advert

So, here we have the Reset App and my voice of the brand. I voiced it and then downloaded it to check it out. It's actually a really good product if you want to unwind, relax and just chill out. They wanted a natural and conversational tone for the ad and I think my voice is a natural fit. This kind of relaxed, neutral voice is also my go-to for many of my explainer videos.
There's some beautifully drawn animation too, on this ad, which was done by a great company in London I work with regularly.


What is it all about?

Experience the benefit that meditation can bring to your daily life with just a few minutes practice a day. Take some time to boost your energy levels & reduce stress, helping you sleep better & feel positive. You'll be better equipped to cultivate better relationships with those around you and to meet the challenges the day brings. With Reset, you can enjoy a slice of mindfulness anywhere, anytime. If you liked the ad for Reset app and you're looking for something similar, you may like to check out my Apple-style voiceover showreel.

Get in touch

Are you looking for a voice similar to this one for the Reset App? Do get in touch via the contact page and let's chat. You may like to check out some of my other TV commercial voiceovers first. If you send me a few lines, I'd be very happy to send a sample of your script to you before you book. This way you can be sure I'm right for your brand. I make the whole process as easy as possible with 99% of the jobs delivered the same day.

If you would like to know more please get in touch.

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