Seat Hidden Heroes

A pleasure to be working with SEAT on a series of videos.

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The Hidden Heroes will reveal some of the incredible people working behind the scenes to bring you their incredible vehicles.Mario Hurtado is the Head of Passive Safety at SEAT and is dedicated to making the motoring world a safer place. Discover how he has protected the everyday journeys of thousands of SEAT drivers. The voice I provided for SEAT here is smooth, soft, and natural. The overall style feels a lot like a high-quality documentary voiceover. This tone suits the subject matter perfectly. This video is part history, part explainer video, getting across a lot of information in a short period of time. You might also like to watch my follow up SEAT Hidden Heroes Adrian video.

Seat Hidden Heroes

Seat Hidden Heroes

It could be said that some people quite literally owe their lives to Mario Hurtado. That's because 26 years ago he set up his safety department at the Spanish car firm's headquarters to ensure every SEAT car that leaves the factory does so with the highest-possible standards. In fact, each SEAT has the acclaimed EuroNCAP five-star safety rating the maximum award possible. In this video, Mario reveals how his job makes an impact to drivers and pedestrians all over the world.

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