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As a VoiceoverGuy, I try to ensure that my website fully represents the voiceover services I offer. This is, essentially, my shopfront, and I want anyone visiting my site to be able to shop around for the voiceover style that suits their specific project. I pride myself in replying quickly to new job requests — usually even getting my voice overs back to people on the same day they request them. While I work with companies all over the world (the benefit of having my own top-of-the-range recording studio), I wanted to create a page about voiceover work in the UK as this is still where the majority of my work comes from. If you’d like to hire me and my voiceover talents for your next project, please get in touch. And keep reading below to find out more about my skills and experience.


UK Explainer Video Voiceover

I perhaps do more explainer videos than any other kind of voiceover work. I think this is because more and more companies are discovering this medium and they are impressed with how effective it can be. Explainer videos are effectively longer commercials that spend more time and care explaining a company’s product or some other more complex idea. This style of video is perfect for finance and hi-tech companies who need to spend a little longer explaining to their audience exactly what’s so good about their products. Check out my explainer video voiceover page if you’d like to learn more and to hear a few examples of my work. If you operate in the UK or you just want a tried-and-tested British voiceover for your next explainer video, I’d love to hear from you.

UK Commercial Voiceover

Commercial voiceover is a different side of the same coin as explainer video voiceover, and it’ is perhaps what people think of when I tell them I’m a voiceover artist. Almost every TV advertisement makes use of commercial voiceover, and absolutely all radio ads use voiceover to sell products and services to their listeners. The right voice can cause viewers/listeners to stop and take notice. From funny, quirky voiceover styles to solid, natural voiceovers that inspire confidence, I’ve done almost every kind of commercial possible, so check out my commercial voiceover page to hear a few examples of my work and to see (hear) whether my various voices are right for your next TV, radio, or online commercial. One thing that has served me well throughout my career is my natural English accent; while I can do a wide range of different accents, many people actively seek out natural English accents as they often have the broadest appeal, both in the UK and around the world. If you’d like to work with me but you’re not completely sure that my voice is the perfect fit for your next project, I’ll be more than happy to send over a free sample from your script.



Other British Voiceover Styles

There are too many variations of voiceover styles to do justice to here, so I’ve combined some more of my UK voiceover styles into one section. While most things fit into the category of explainer or commercial voiceover, there are still plenty of other projects that require a professional British voiceover artist. Here is a concise list of some of my other voiceover styles:
Movie trailer voiceover
Game trailer voiceover
Santa voiceover
David Attenborough voiceover
My range of character voiceovers

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A-Team Voice

A-Team Voice A-Team Voice - I love this trailer for the game Smash Bandits. Great Trailer Voice. If you are looking for a movie voice? Get in touch. Same day delivery.

VIVA Bahrain Voiceover

VIVA Bahrain Voiceover VIVA Bahrain Voiceover -  I've been the English promo voice of VIVA for quite a while now which is pretty cool. They do have some good products.

Batelco WiFi Voice

Batelco WiFi Voice Batelco WiFi Voice - You'll have heard my voice on other Batelco products. But check out how amazing the WiFi is in Bahrain thanks to these guys at Batelco.

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