BBK travel Insurance Voiceover

A natural UK voiceover for the BBK travel Insurance explainer.

Another natural voice style

I'm very comfortable with this type of delivery. It's the one I'm asked for most of the time. Lets face it, an explainer video voice should carry the content along but not dominate. It should sound conversational and appealing. Hopefully thats why I keep getting booked. It's nice to work with some new and interesting brands.
It's also a pleasure when the end result has been mixed and mastered well too. Just like this.


Who are BBK

BBK, the Brighter way. Whether an individual, a family or as a business, they aim to help you fulfill a secure and brighter life. By leveraging our research, technology and foresight they offer you superior products and services, to ensure a financially secure future. An annual travel insurance policy designed to cover the whole family in one. It is designed to give you and your family peace of mind and comfort while you are travelling.

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