Domino Express voice over

I was asked to provide the Domino Express voice over on the television advert.

Kids toys on TV

Looking for an energetic read? If you go back through this blog and type 'kids', you'll see I voice a lot of tv ads for children toys.
Normally by the end of the voice session I'm exhausted due to how hyper I'm needed to be but it's always a pleasure. When my daughter is older, I'll be kicking myself that I'm directly selling to her and making me broke in the process!

Domino Express Voiceover

Domino Express the Game

Stack them up and tumble them down.; Race 2 domino tracks head to head.; With 150 dominoes, including easy set, flip up speed sections, a staircase grid start, 2 x 360° loopers, 2 domino race cars, a ball dropper and a ring of fire.

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Are you looking for a style similar to this voice? A bit of energy? Please get in touch via the contact page and lets chat. I'd be very happy to send a short sample before you book me. Just send a few lines of the script first so you can be sure I'm right for your brand. I make the whole process as easy as possible with 99% of the jobs delivered the same day.

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Air Malta Voiceover

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Vodafone natural voiceover

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