Scream Ghost Face Voiceover

My Ghost Face scary voice, inspired by Rodger Jackson

An iconic horror voice

Even though Scream is only 23 years old, it has more than earned its place in the canon of classic horror films. And the voice of the film's terrifying killer is just as iconic as the killer's 'Mr Ghost Face' Halloween mask. While many characters in all the Scream films use a voice changer to create the scary voice, the real man behind one of the scariest voices in cinema is Rodger Jackson, a legendary voice actor. Ask a lot of people what they remember about Scream or its sequels and there's a good chance they'll reply with their best Rodger Jackson scary voice. Well, here's my best Rodger Jackson scary voice and I think it's perfect for promos and commercials around Halloween.


My other scary voiceovers

No one does Halloween like the USA, but much of the rest of the world is trying to emulate the ghoulish good time Americans seem to have every October 31st. This has meant that I get more and more Halloween voiceover work each year. From my Poundland Dracula voice my and Joker Voice to my Psycho Circus scary voiceover, I've done a lot of scary voices in recent years and I think that this Scream-inspired voice is an excellent addition to my deadly arsenal of scary voices. In fact, I've already used this voice in a G Fuel ad coming out in October!

Would you like to work with me?

If you're working on a commercial or some other kind of project and you're in need of a scary voiceover, then please feel free to get in touch — I'm always happy to work with new brands. Whether you're looking for my Ghost Face voice, Dracula, or something else altogether, get in touch and we can work out the perfect scary voice to suit your production. It's also worth noting that I'm usually able to return voiceover work on the same day it's requested, helping companies meet their tight deadlines.

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