Guy Harris is the Official Voice of Santa

My Santa voiceover has become one of my most requested jobs!

Claiming the Position as the "Official" Voice of Santa

With the sad lack of an official body to designate the undisputed voice of Santa, I think us voiceover artists need to act with our initiative. I have performed more Santa voiceovers than perhaps any other voice, and I've loved every minute of it. As such, this Christmas I've decided to give myself the crown and declare myself the official voice of Santa. Think this is a bit much? I might be inclined to agree with you, only I've performed the voice of Santa so many times I'm almost turning into the big man in red! Here is just a snippet of all the Santa voiceovers I've done in the last year or so:


CBBC, This Morning, Loose Women, HEART Radio, Baur Radio Stations — hundreds of radio stations, in fact — Santa Radio, Santa's voice a the Poundland tils (that's really me!), Drayton Manor, BBC2, and BBC1. Honestly, that's not even all of them; I'm just tired of trying to find everything! I love being the voice of Santa and it's my hope that my move to crown myself the official voice of Santa will encourage more brands and production companies to get in touch. Nothing gets me in the Chrismtas spirit quite like doing an impression of old Father Christmas himself!

Get in touch!

Do you need the voice of Christmas for your next commercial or production project? If so, I'd be very happy to hear from you, so please feel free to get in touch. You can listen to all of my different previous Santa voiceover jobs if that helps, but I'm also happy to provide a free sample from your script so that you can hear first hand whether I'm right for your project!

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Rise Project Explainer Video Voiceover

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