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Guy Harris - VoiceoverGuy. A professional, experienced and versatile British male voiceover artist.
Voicing over 100,000 scripts for clients globally since 2000.

The Voice of the greatest brands, including Apple, Disney, ITV and, BBC and Thomas the Tank Engine.
Multiple award winner of the VOX Award including best male voice over and a finalist for three SOVAS Voice Arts Awards.
Explainer videos to TV & Radio commercials, and the UK's finest David Attenborough impersonation.

The UK's No.1 Voice of Santa, Vernon Kays Ultra Ultra Marathon, Thomas & Friends and The Masked Singer.

A broadcast quality voiceover recording studio, delivering high-quality audio efficiently the same day.
If you're looking for a professional English male voiceover artist, get in touch and request a FREE bespoke voiceover sample.

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Heard Worldwide

My voice has been heard worldwide as a British male voiceover artist, with a track record of voicing over 100 projects every week spanning various genres. So, regardless of your location or voiceover needs, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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As a voice over artist located in West Yorkshire, UK, I am conveniently situated to accommodate voiceover jobs in a timely manner at Media City, Manchester, or for any in-person voiceover work in London, I am just a quick train ride away.

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Investing in a professional voiceover artist guarantees that your project will have a level of quality that cannot be replicated by a cheaper alternative. The voiceover is an essential component of your content and will take your project to the next level.

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Latest News

* Down the Pan with the Harpic Fresh Stickers on TV and the Web, that will be me.
* ran some online ads and I was asked to voice them. Paying for YouTube Premium I missed seeing them. DOH!
* Ever seen In for a Penny on ITV at 6pm on a Saturday? Those Seabrooks sponsorships? Yes, my crazy voice!
* Samsung ran a national campaign for their OLED TV's and the voice... well. Yes.
* You know Butlins have the Masked Singer? Well, you'll never guess who voiced the promo and the Voice of God??
* GB News now run competitions and you'll hear the promos delivered with fun and energy.
* THIS Morning are giving away a nice £1m in October. Guy is the voice of the £1m giveaway promo on ITV.
* Each year remaining the Paultons Park Halloween Voice for their spooky events.
* In 2023 Guy became the voice of Santa for Centre Parcs in the UK. Along with a series of talking characters around the resort.
* If you hear the national radio commercial for Mustard Car or Van Insurance, you may find a familiar British male voice.
* As the UK's No.1 Voice of Santa, you will also hear me this year for Centre Parks and Butlins as their Santa too.
* My daughter Arabella was selected for a nice job for UBER. At 7 years old using an Irish accent too.
* Back on Channel 5 with the sponsorship bumpers for Milky Bar, Rolo and Aero
* The Curse of Alton Manor is the new ride at Alton Towers. Listen to my spooky voice on the TV Advert.
* Voice of Santa for Capital Radio with Roman Kemp. On Air Live helping give away a massive prize with Greggs.
* CHOO CHOO! Some exciting Thomas the Tank Engine News. I'm to play Salty., Troublesome Tanker and Winston.
* Note to add my Voice of Attenborough to Distant Blooms new trailer.
* Booked again as the Voice of God Voiceover for the The International Gaming Awards 2023.
* I've been asked to help Downtown Radio, Capital X-tra and Boom Radio with the voice of Santa as the Real one in the North Pole is busy.
* Now heard on ITV promoting Daytimes as ITV's Voice of Santa. Need a Father Christmas voice?
* Wandering round Centre Parcs at Christmas? Heard the Talking characters? Oh, that might just be my work.
* Mazuma Mobile tv ads are running and great if you need to trade in your old unwanted tech.
* On Channel 5 you may hear the sponsorship Bumpers for the Movies with Aero, Milky Way and Rolo. Oh, the voice? It's me!
* What can I say? The Voice of MAOAM
* The Voice of Alton Towers Scarefest 2022 Television advert
* BBC Sounds needed Santa to host 'Party like its Christmas'. Guess who they used as the voice of Santa?
* As heard on Ninja Warrior UK. The male voiceover of the sponsor bumpers with Fitbit.
* Soon to be heard as the voice of Mazuma Mobile across all platforms including the telly.
* Voice of God? Trusted for The TV Choice Awards, Awesome Events Xmas Parties and East Midlands Business Awards.
* Seen the TV ad for 13 Dead End Drive? Oh, you recognise the voice? Yeah, it's me.
* Won the National Savings Premium Bonds? I'll be the one to telling you if you win! Nice to be the voice of NS&I.
* The voice of FOAT for FIFA 22 featuring the kit of Sheffield FC
* A nice short documentary film voiced for Vegan YouTube Channel Plant based News.
* New Narration Voiceover demos and Natural Emotive Voiceover reads added to the site.
* Working with Festive Studio we delivered over 10,000 personalised North Pole Tour Santa films in 2021.
* Back on BBC Radio 2, Heart, Capital, BBC 6 Music and more as the Voice of Santa.
* With Halloween coming, Paultons park has me as the Voice of Dracula this year for their radio ads.
* Need a Yorkshire Studio for recording? Kammy Chris Kamara has found mine his new home?.
* Currently heard all across the UK on The national TV and Radio campaign which has been a great success.
* Can't wait to share my Singing Hammerman voiceover for Boom Beach currently in production.
* More than ok playing Goblins for Clash of Clans in their viral that notched up over 6m views in a couple of months.
* Super excited working with Midea and Man City FC using my football commentary voice.
* Just Eat has been another great client to use my football commentator voice during the summer of football.
* My Sir David Attenborough voice turned out awesome on a film called Cracking Ice. I love the drone filming on this.
* I loved working on a national campaign for Pizza Hut Delivery. What style? Ah yes. My Football commentator style.
* Christmas 2020 heard me helping Santa on the Zoe Ball Breakfast show on BBC Radio 2 among many many others.
* Controversy hit Poundland after my Santa after my Santa voice was heard being less sympathetic to credit card rejections.
* As heard on the Barclaycard Fraud Fighter tool television commercial.
* Working on a nice little project for Warner Bros as the Voice of Dobby for an attraction in NYC and London.
* THIS Morning on ITV runs the Spin to Win Competition. Guess who voices the prizes?
* The voice of Ringo on Becca's Bunch playing on Milkshake on Channel 5 and Nickelodeon .

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