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A versatile, credible and reassuring voice heard worldwide

Guy is one of the UK’s most in demand professional British male voice overs. The voice of some of the world's biggest brands.
3 time VOX Award Winner for best male voice over. Finalist for 3 SOVAS Voice Arts Awards in Hollywood.
Heard on television, radio, apps, video games, apps, game trailers, virals, explainer videos and the movie trailer voice.
Offering a fast delivery of mp3 & wavs, the whole process is quick and easy . Trust a voice with experience and credibility.
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Guy Harris Showreel 2017

Male British Voiceover
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Latest News

* A two-ad campaign for Mada Masr looking at Micropolitics in the workplace. Here is Suzy's Beauty Salon.
* Another soft male voice needed for ForgeRock's GDPR explainer video.
* Mentos had an on pack promotion to win some great prizes, called Me & You. Oh, I was the voice.
* You might have seen this on TV a few times, I keep getting asked if it's me. War Wings the game trailer voice was me.
* Adding to the huge amount of Kids Toys TV adverts, look and listen out for Bugs in the Kitchen on the telly. * Great to have provided a soft natural voiceover for this prom for Opel. The Future is Everyone's.
* Another Attenborough soundalike this time for The British Lions vs Nz All Blacks running on SKY in New Zealand.
* I provided a quirky irreverent voice for the Compare my Explainer video
* My daughter decided to not let me deliver a job for Wickes recently. Don't take your daughter to work!
* The voice over for Diary of a Wimpy Kid promos on Nickelodeon.
* A nice natural voiceover for Mini Living 'Breathe'. I even said Salone del Mobile de Milán with credibility.
* The quirky voice on Meet the Johnsons for Experian.


Heard Worldwide

As an English male voice over, Guy voices over 100 jobs per week and is heard across the globe. The voice work is varied and covers most genres. So, wherever you are, what ever you need, get in touch.

Fast Service

Have a script and need a quick turnaround? 99% of jobs are voiced and returned the same day. Audio is sent back edited and tidy as a high quality mp3 or WAV file. From start to finish it's seamless


Based in West Yorkshire in the UK, Guy is well situated for voice jobs required quickly in Media City or Manchester. Or for voice over work in person, a quick jump on the direct train to London.

Tricky Words?

The latest version of the VoiceoverGuy App allows you to easily record unusual words, names or place pronunciations. Hit Record, Say it, Check it, Send it. Download now for iOS or Android.

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The latest version of the VoiceoverGuy App allows you to easily record unusual words, names or place pronunciations. Hit Record, Say it, Check it, Send it. Download now for iOS or Android.


Today's tech lets you save money on studio fees. Why not direct the job remotely? The Studio has ISDN, Skype, Telephone and the new IP solutions of ipDTL & Source Connect NOW. Lets make this easy!

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